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1.General Computer Repair Services

PC Repair at Rs 500/unit | computers repairing services, pc repairing  services, computer repair services, computer repair services at home,  कंप्यूटर रिपेयरिंग सर्विस | computer server - Unified Solutions , Jalandhar  | ID: 20982952897

2.Laptop Startup Problems

Laptop Booting Problems Repair

3.Laptop Display Problems

HP Laptop screen problem (solved) - YouTube

4.Laptop Noisy Fan

6 Solutions to Your Laptop Fan Problem

5.Laptop Working Slow

Why is My Laptop so Slow and How Can I Fix It? | HP® Tech Takes

6.More Services in Computers

Laptop heating problem

Book Now Laptop heating problem Starting from 499

Laptop charger or adapter repair

Book Now Laptop charger or adapter repair Starting from 349

Laptop battery problem

Book Now Laptop battery problem Starting from 1499

Printer or scanner repair

Book Now Printer or scanner repair Starting from 299

Computer hardware repair

Book Now Computer hardware repair Starting from 299

Motherboard repair

Book Now Motherboard repair Starting from 999

BIOS problem

Book Now BIOS problem Starting from 299

Data backup and restore

Book Now Data backup and restore Starting from 499

Printer cartridge refill

Book Now Printer cartridge refill Starting from 299

Desktop repair

Book Now Desktop repair Starting from 299

Software or anti virus installation

Book Now Software or anti virus installation Starting from 499

Laptop Demo and Setup

Book Now Laptop Demo and Setup Starting from 499

Something else

Book Now Something else Starting from 299

"Have some other problem with your computer? Don't worry, book a case here, give a short description and let us contact you. Easy!"

About Computers Repair and Services

At Torato Services, our goal is customer satisfaction, while offering high quality professional repair services at a cost that’s affordable and competitive. Whether your computer is not starting, making noise, getting too hot, giving slow performance, Torato Services provides quality workmanship through its Pan-India network of skilled and verified computer repair professionals. Torato Services offers a comprehensive range of computer repair services including laptop not working, laptop getting too hot, laptop display problem, laptop running slow, printer or scanner repair, motherboard repair, BIOS problem, software or anti-virus installation…...pretty much any kind of repair work required on your computer.

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